Many people think that Art is just the painting or sculpture you see in the museums, but nothing can be farther from the truth!

Art is everywhere!

There is no where in the world you can go without seeing art...Including Antarctica.....(If you consider God (or the creator) a Painter you will understand)

Even the tiniest little placement of something pretty in a bathroom can be considered art in the form of Interior Design.

So that brings me to Animation.  (I guess I could say Film too)

Animation, the process by which you basically take pictures or still frames and combine them to play together, is kind of a hidden art.

Many people experiment with animation when they make those little flip books.

You know the ones:



So Aside from the Very Obvious Technological knowledge you must have in order to time things right when doing an animation, everything is artistic on many levels!

I know many animators who have worked on The Simpsons and for many seasons they kept swearing it was their last...but it just kept going.  That friend is rich now and riding in limousines while sipping sweet Tea in Dallas.  Cool huh?

Animators, nowadays, can make big bucks with more and more interactive technology.

The original animations were spinning wheel thingys and these flip books.

Then along came film.

Film was revolutionary and provided many hours of entertainment and social get togethers.  Those old Black and white films?   They use to play animations with live bands.  I've been to something like that.  It was another level of creative and artistic for sure.

I myself am/was an animator.  As a matter of a fact I have a National Award and a couple other big wins under my belt with animation but I did all that right at the crux when animation was changing from traditional character animation to computer 3D.

You know those M&M's?  I know the guy who invented them...the peanut and the chocolate ones that entertain us while promoting the candy? was a dude I went to school with.  He also worked don Pocahontas.  I've trained with some of the best. I also use to hang out on a rooftop of an old building installed by an Allen TX roofing company and watch the sunset while enjoying some drinks with these people.

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The secondary colors, amazingly enough, are used more often than the primary.

They tend to be a little more calming to the eye and they really help emit a calmer emotion than the sometime harsh obtrusive primary colors.

It takes a bold artist to commit to use just primary colors just as it does for one to only use the F# scale to make a song.  You either jump in, feet and balls in or you don't.   It can end up being an epic masterpiece or a horrible attempt at much of nothing.

My style tends to go with Tertiary colors for an ironic and pulling uneasy feel if that's what I'm going for in a painting and generally, like others, I pull from the secondary colors to balance and ease my eye and brain together.

So, what are the secondary colors?

Secondary colors are the there main colors that you get from mixing two primary colors together!

Here's a nifty little chart for you:

Red + Blue  =  Purple

Red + Yellow + Orange

Red + Red = Red   (Ah aha! I tricked you!  This is still a primary!)

Blue + Yellow = Green 


You would be amazed at how many people in the world do not naturally know this and it's not because they are stupid or anything, it is as simple as not ever being given the opportunity to experience it.  Yes...experience it is what I meant to say.

Going through life being told things versus being able to experience things makes a world of difference in your lifetime.

You can read about art all you want at The Arts Pages, but when it comes down to being completely immersed in art, reading just doesn't cut it.

Go out and get your self some art supplies and get lost in the midst of creation.  Explore those primary colors and then get a little crazy and see what happens when the secondary colors get involved.

You never know, you might just release some pent up anger you didn't know you had into an elaborate and vivid moving piece or maybe you can let some of the energy go on a canvas which will free you up to focus on something that needs more of your left brain attention.

Free your soul.  Expand your mind.  Your Left and Right Brain deserve attention and I've seen too many time people leaving that Right Brain in the dark....lost in the past in their childhood when creation was all they knew.

paintI guess no art page would be much of anything without talking about the primaries.  ..and no I don't mean the primary elections in Dallas Forth Worth.

I'm talking about the primary colors that you use in painting, penciling or whatever art will tickly your fancy.

So the primary colors, coincidentally are taught during primary school.

(You would actually be surprised at the number of students in some places that have no idea how colors work)

So let's go over the basics.

Primary colors are called primary because they are the FIRST colors that you use.  They can not be created by any other color and are the basis of making all other colors from secondary to tertiary and on.....

Primary colors are:   ????   Do you know?   (It's ok if you don't, you are not alone)

1. Red

2. Yellow

3. Blue

That's it!   Some people mistakenly want to throw in the secondary colors or even worse, black or white.

So let's set something straight.

BLACK is not a color.  It's actually an absorption of all the colors together...but it is not considered a color at all.

Black is a shade.

WHITE is not a color.  White is actually the reflection of all colors off of a surface and into your eye.

WHITE is a tint.

Now, there is such as things as warm whites, warm blacks and cool whites and cool blacks.

Whenever you see something like this, it means that warm colors (red, yellow (yellow ochre) and orange are used every so slightly in the tint(white) or shade(black).

It generally takes a trained eye to see these differences and actually know what they are. It's a good thing you found The Arts Pages!

I talk to many people who know something is different amongst a bunch of different hues of whites but just can not pin point exactly what it is.

I have to thank my high school Art Teacher (Mrs. Doughty) for allowing me to hone in on this skill.

She made me sit and stare at a glass of water for two class periods before I got it.

Cool huh?   It's changed me for life!

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This is a Great Question.

Why Do Art?

I mean, I don't know...or do I?  All I can tell you is why I believe I do art and why it is an essential part of any school curriculum and probably should be done by people more often than it is because there is some amazing stuff that transitions from our brain, through our arms/hand to canvas or paper.

So...I can only tell you why I do art and I suppose decipher why others should probably do art too.

Here's some art I've done:



Since I have chosen to share this work of art, I'll tell you what was going through my mind when I was doing it and maybe that will uncover the answer to our question.

By the way, you can contact me at if you are interested in purchasing this art.

So..inspiration? Let me shout it from the rooftops of Allen Texas I wanted to do a drawing and didn't know what to do so I just cut out a small piece of magazine and cut a model's face in half.  I drew the other half of the face (this missing piece) by observing the part I had.  It looked good but I hated how there was color on the original so I got out paint next.  Then I painted over the magazine and made what you are looking at now.

I have no idea if this is a finished piece or not.  I don't think any artist is really done with something.  You can always grow and add to a's just whether you choose to or not (kind of like choose to change it or not)

So why do people do art?

I'm going to say that I do art because when I do it is like I get lost in some peaceful, calm, aint' nothing going on in the world that's wrong kind of place.   I hesitate to say it's just like heaven..but I haven't been to heaven (if I have, I'm not aware of it) so I can't really compare.

If I were to take a guess though...the feeling of peace I get when doing art...the freedom to be 100% me and nothing else. The pure existence of just me, the paint and the piece of medium is what I am starting to live for.....and that's THE MOMENT.

When you can fully live in the moment....there is peace.

Now I don't know if that's the kind of answer you were expecting, but it's the one I've got!


Now...stop reading this and go make your own moments!  There are so many to be had!



Crane Topples Onto Dallas Museum of Art

What the world?  That will leave a mark.

Will keep you posted as more details become available but from the looks of things, at a minimum they have some minor roof damage that needs attention 90% rain predicted for this coming Sunday.).  I have used in the past to repair a tree that fell on my house but I have heard great things about Better Home & Commercial in Allen TX as well.  I'm sure they can assist with this roof as well. Spring time in Texas for ya.

Hey, and remember, be safe out there!